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In order for your website to be visible on the Internet, it needs to be “hosted” on a web server. Will you be able to purchase the hosting (Domain and space) or do you want us to do it?

Do you recommend any specific color scheme for the website?

It is a usual practice to place the company logo on a website. Do you already have a logo or do you want us to design them for you. If the logo is to be designed, please let us know if you have any theme/color scheme in mind?

Websites usually contain graphic (photographs, illustrations) and written content.
a) Will you be able to provide content or do you want our content writer to do it for you  (If so, please provide all possible details about your business).
b) Do you have any specific imagery/graphics to be used? If yes will you be able to provide us with those?

Site Map – Web Site Navigation - Please let us know what pages you will like your website to have. (Ex. About Us, Services, Testimonials, Careers, Submission Forms, etc)

We can also advise you on pages that you might need, based on your type of service, information, products or scope of your website.
Please provide us the URL of the websites which you like and why you like them. If there is any website which you want our completed site to look like, please mention them first.
What audience are you targeting with your website? Are they local/national/international?
Who are your competitors/ similar organizations? Please list names and web addresses.
What do you have/offer that your competition doesn't? Why should customers choose your products or services over others? 

If you were one of your potential visitors, what search (keyword) phrases (2-3 words each: eg: portland inn; portland wedding photographer) would you use to find your site (not including your business name)?

Aim for 3 to 5 and be as specific as possible, especially if you are targeting a local audience. (We encourage you to ask your friends and associates what terms they would use and have used to find your site.) 

Describe your business in not more than 100 words.
If you have any files you would like to send us please upload here.

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"It is a pleasure working with this great team. Finished the pretty complex project within the terms originally discussed and I certainly appreciate any extra work the team has put in to honor your commitment to me."

- Neil Hansen, Totalmindfit.

"Thanks Anto and Effidex team. Once again you have delivered a quality product on time and up to standard. I am very happy. Thanks!!"

- Justin Bohlmann, Sydney, Australia.

"We came to the team at Effidex with a complex idea for our new business and they executed a plan and solution that resulted with the professional website and business system that we use today"

John, Director, Install Express Pty Ltd