osCommerce is an eCommerce and online store management software program with number of excellent features enabling users to build online stores rather quickly and easily. It is fully free (no monthly renewal or any hidden charges) and can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed.One of the biggest advantages that osCommerce holds over other such software is its reputation. It has become a highly trusted platform worldwide over the period of time and this adds to the list of various advantages it has. osCommerce also acts as a basis to many other shopping solutions available today.

Advantages of osCommerce

Cost effective: Being an open source platform, osCommerce has no cost involved. It can be installed from the internet for free and it gives you many suitable options for your e-commerce site development

Easy to use: It has been developed in such a way that suits all the experts and not so experts. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to play around with the options. Anyone can be a developer here.

Secure: Open source platforms, especially osCommerce has been trusted for its security features. They have been rendered the status of safe and secure options for business and payment options.

Well supported: Being an open source adds up to the support it gets from the open community that works round the clock for latest updates and performance improvements.

Customer & Merchant focused: It has been developed in a way that it gives benefits to both the clients as well as the merchants. So it’s a win-win situation for all.

At Effidex, we do custom osCommerce design and development. Contact us and we will guide you to making your e-commerce website.

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"It is a pleasure working with this great team. Finished the pretty complex project within the terms originally discussed and I certainly appreciate any extra work the team has put in to honor your commitment to me."

- Neil Hansen, Totalmindfit.

"Thanks Anto and Effidex team. Once again you have delivered a quality product on time and up to standard. I am very happy. Thanks!!"

- Justin Bohlmann, Sydney, Australia.

"We came to the team at Effidex with a complex idea for our new business and they executed a plan and solution that resulted with the professional website and business system that we use today"

John, Director, Install Express Pty Ltd