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Your website depicts your quality and reputation in business. It should never be weary, impaired or outdated

Time to Redesign Your Website?

Following are the most common reasons websites usually undergo a major, or minor, overhaul or redesign. How many apply to your situation?

• Ownership of the company changes hands.
• Major changes in management.
• A recent merger or major acquisition.
• New product lines or divisions are created or sold off.
• Original content and/or navigation no longer properly serves the average visitor.
• The previous developers have left and you are not able to manage your website.
• Site looks "dated" or "home made" when compared to the competition in a specific industry.
• Economy/business has improved and the revenue stream allows for a bigger & better website.
• Change in customer base - new web-savvy visitors are expecting more than a "cyber brochure.

We can transform your current website into an exciting one and give you a polished, professional site that will better reflect your corporate image and the professionalism of your company / business. You will be given a backend using which you can manage the content of your website. Contact us for revamping your current website and we will get back to you with great suggestions and pricing.

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"It is a pleasure working with this great team. Finished the pretty complex project within the terms originally discussed and I certainly appreciate any extra work the team has put in to honor your commitment to me."

- Neil Hansen, Totalmindfit.

"Thanks Anto and Effidex team. Once again you have delivered a quality product on time and up to standard. I am very happy. Thanks!!"

- Justin Bohlmann, Sydney, Australia.

"We came to the team at Effidex with a complex idea for our new business and they executed a plan and solution that resulted with the professional website and business system that we use today"

John, Director, Install Express Pty Ltd