Online web-shops are gaining ground at an extremely fast rate. The concept of going to outlets and purchasing goods is slowly dying out as more and more people prefer to save time by ordering products online. A good e-commerce website reduces operating costs, helps you to obtain higher revenues, increases your customer base, creates new market opportunities, enhances your customer service and targets your communications. It also adds to the credibility of your business. There are a number of solutions like Magento, osCommerce and OpenCart which we use to build an e-commerce website. We also have our custom php CMS for web-shops too. Feel free to Contact us and we shall be delighted to assist you with your e-commerce website project.

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"It is a pleasure working with this great team. Finished the pretty complex project within the terms originally discussed and I certainly appreciate any extra work the team has put in to honor your commitment to me."

- Neil Hansen, Totalmindfit.

"Thanks Anto and Effidex team. Once again you have delivered a quality product on time and up to standard. I am very happy. Thanks!!"

- Justin Bohlmann, Sydney, Australia.

"We came to the team at Effidex with a complex idea for our new business and they executed a plan and solution that resulted with the professional website and business system that we use today"

John, Director, Install Express Pty Ltd