effidex technologies web design

Web Design

Aesthetic design is a major part of most websites and web applications. A website should be both user friendly and good looking. We at Effidex provide quality designs and make sure that your website stands out of the crowd and that you do not lose visitors and customers due to ungraceful design. Our designers, one of our biggest assets are top notch in the industry seamlessly crafting state of the art designs. Our experience with international standards of designs is a value addition to all our clients.

effidex technologies web development

Web Development

It is not just revenue but the passion that acts as the driving force for Effidex taking it to greater heights. We nurture the smartest brains in the website and App development sector with expertise in almost any technology you can think about. We know that your business is important to you and so each website development is done with your business in mind. All coding whether it be core scripting or development using CMS is done according to W3C standards and quality checked before delivery.

effidex technologies Seo

Online Marketing

It is not just having a website that matters. The website should be visible and easily searchable. As per recent trends High ranking in search engine result pages is the best way to popularize your website. Effidex extends the best organic Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services at really affordable prices. Our Online Marketing makes your website easy to find thus driving traffic and thereby boosting your business.

effidex technologies -Facebook Apps

Facebook Apps

Facebook is the most prominent social networking website and people use facebook not just to connect to friends, but to build business, advertise products and business ventures, create online shops, games, interact with target audience etc. Effidex plunged into facebook development early 2011 and we harness the top notch Facebook Developers. We also know your business and how facebook can help you in getting more business, loyal customers and building more credibility to the brand. Contact us and our experts will definitely guide you through the most suitable facebook strategy you should follow.

effidex technologies -Android Apps

Android Apps

Users love 'Mobile Apps'!! Enormous number of users have migrated from PCs to Mobile devices. Android and iphone are the most liked technologies, but the open nature of Android means it can do things others just can't. This fact has driven us to learn and master Android. Most websites today come with mobile apps and the Android experts in Effidex will assist you in any requirement and help in making your mobile dreams come true. Feel free to base touch anytime to get your business go mobile in affordable cost and state of the art quality.

effidex technologies -2D and 3D Graphics

2D and 3D Graphics

When it comes to marketing, there is nothing more than the ‘Visual Impact’. We at Effidex master the 2D and 3D technologies which we provide at a very cost effective price. The Quality of our 2D and 3D projects has been well appreciated by many business owners across the globe. We create top notch animations, intro videos and animation, VFX, product modeling, advertisements, character design, Interior design, 3D walkthrough and handle all per-production, production and post-production phases. Contact us and work with the creamy layer of 3D experts.